Train-By-Wire - AERO DIVISION - New Website

Embarking Towards the Future

After the successful conclusion of the Pilot Expo 2024, the feeling of togetherness, networking, and shared enthusiasm for aviation has left a lasting impact.

This event not only served as a platform for connecting with industry peers, both old and new, but also showcased the emergence of immersive VR/XR technologies in pilot training and checking, marking a significant advancement in how we train pilots for their careers.

To coincide with this achievement, the unveiling of a new website stands as a testament to these exciting times. This new digital gateway, crafted with the expertise of Ledge | Agência de Comunicação, not only reflects the innovative spirit of the expo but also signals a forward-looking approach to embracing next-generation technologies in aviation training.

Welcome onboard!

The combination of Train-By-Wire | TBW x Takeoff Trim LLC emerges as a clear winner in this context, symbolising a blend of tradition and technology that promises to shape the future of pilot training.

Thanks, Marcel Fonseca, for your hard work; it’s been a pleasure working with you on this project.

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