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Setting Standards in Aviation Training

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION has established itself as a premier training partner within the aviation industry, offering comprehensive, cost-effective, next-generation training programs designed by airline experts for professionals in the field. Operating globally since 2016, with headquarters in Portugal, Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION specialises in training pilots, instructors, examiners, cabin crew, and ground staff, focusing on Airbus, ATR, and Boeing aircraft.

Comprehensive Aviation Solutions

Beyond Technical Training

Our services extend beyond explicit and tacit technical skills training and encompass Human Factors courses and customised solutions for the aviation industry, such as audit, consulting, FSTD certification, Ferry Flights and Maintenance Check Flights, and staffing. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment and experienced instructors to set industry benchmark standards in aviation training, with strict oversight from EASA Member State authorities.

At Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and forging long-lasting partnerships as a trusted training provider within the aviation sector. Our dedication to excellence and customer-centric approach makes us a reliable partner for airlines and individuals seeking to upskill their workforce and improve operational efficiency.

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Expanding Accessibility

Training Centers and Custom Solutions

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION offers an unparalleled network of five cutting-edge training centres spread strategically throughout Europe, conveniently located near airports to offer easy accessibility and convenience. We can also provide customised solutions to bring the training directly to your company or preferred location, which showcases our commitment to fulfilling individual needs. Additionally, our Travel Services division offers logistics support upon request, streamlining preparation and exhibiting our customer-centric service. Moreover, and when appropriate, we also provide distance learning courses through our online platform, which comply with regulations. Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION delivers adaptable and user-friendly training solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.


Meet our CEO

Introducing Gilles Demarque de Rieux, the visionary leader currently at the helm as the Chief Executive Officer and ATO Accountable Manager of Train-By-Wire | TBW. With a distinguished career characterised by strategic acumen and relentless commitment to excellence, Gilles has emerged as a driving force in the industry. His dynamic leadership style, coupled with a strong emphasis on fostering innovation and inclusivity, has propelled Train-By-Wire | TBW to new heights of success. As a seasoned professional with a solid educational background in Air Transport Management and Human Factors, Gilles brings a wealth of experience to his role, driving growth and steering the company towards a future defined by innovation and industry leadership.

Gilles Demarques de Rieux - Ceo of Train by Wire

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