TBW’s Next-Generation Rehearsal Tools

Improve Your License Proficiency Check Experience with Train-By-Wire

If you are a pilot, you know that keeping your type rating up to date is crucial for your career. But at Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION, we believe revalidating your type rating means much more than just taking an LPC. It’s an opportunity to showcase your skills and exchange knowledge with experts in the field.

We designed our annual Proficiency Check to allow your licensing authority to assess your technical and soft skills to ensure you can operate your aircraft safely and efficiently. But it’s also a unique opportunity to learn from experienced examiners and exchange tacit knowledge to help you become a better pilot.

To help you prepare for this formal check, we give you access to various professional tools we and major airlines use for initial type ratings. You won’t have to pay anything extra to use these tools, including Heading365’s FMS Trainer. Here’s what one of our client pilots, Captain Sébastien Morel, had to say about it: “App downloaded, I started to use it. Amazing!”


So, if you want to stay ahead of the game and be the best pilot you can be, Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION is here to help you every step of the way.

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