“Train-By-Wire | TBW VR/XR powered by Takeoff Trim LLC” is the winning ticket
Exciting news! The first batch of trainees at Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION have just completed their advanced training program using some cutting-edge tools like high-resolution printable digital flight deck panels –by Takeoff Trim LLC and the industry-leading FMS Trainer –by Heading365. These tools have helped them enhance their skills and get ready for their upcoming formal annual License Proficiency Check. 
But wait, there’s more! Have you heard about “Train-By-Wire | TBW VR/XR powered by Takeoff Trim LLC?” It’s a fantastic immersive training solution that revolutionises the way pilots train. Want to know more? Click the link below for a short demo on your computer, tablet, or headset!
Are you seeking a thorough preflight inspection or a hassle-free flight deck setup? Look no further! We’ve got you covered on both fronts and everything in between.
Takeoff Trim LLC’s technology is a valuable resource for Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION, providing trainees with advanced solutions that significantly reduce cockpit preparation time. This results in more efficient utilisation of Full Flight Simulator slots, whether for initial type rating or annual recurrent training. Additionally, these tools consolidate the observable behavioural competencies of the crew, specifically in the areas of procedure application, aircraft flight path management (automation), and workload management.
By leveraging the capabilities of Takeoff Trim LLC’s technology, Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION can provide its trainees with cutting-edge solutions that streamline the training process. As a result, trainees can focus on developing their skills and competencies more effectively, leading to better performance in the flight deck. These improvements significantly impact the overall safety and efficiency of flight operations, making this technology an essential resource for any aviation training program.
But that’s not all – Train-By-Wire | TBW and Takeoff Trim LLC are thrilled to make these advanced solutions available to operators and training organisations worldwide. Their leaders’ dedication and commitment to innovation in pilot training and enhancing flight safety sets them apart from the rest. Takeoff Trim LLC and Train-By-Wire | TBW are proud to partner in developing this technology and to share it with the world.
Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION is “Elevating Aviation Training Globally Since 2016”.
Train-By-Wire | TBW and Takeoff Trim LLC fly “Together With The Best Technology”!

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