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Precision in the Skies

Advanced Pilot Training

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION is a leading provider of advanced pilot training, delivering tailored solutions that address the unique requirements of each airline, aircraft, and pilot. Our vast experience and close collaboration with the airline industry enable us to offer a range of next-generation training options, such as advanced flight simulators, extended reality and expert in-cockpit guidance from seasoned instructors. Whether you're pursuing a career as a pilot, seeking to gain a first or new type rating or require specialised training for your existing pilots, instructors, or examiners, Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION specifically designed comprehensive training programs to meet your needs. Moreover, our dedicated Travel Service team ensures seamless management of all logistical aspects of your training, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience with us.

Crafting Competence

Wet Training

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION's training approach emphasises the importance of combining practical, hands-on experience – tacit training – with explicit training, creating a holistic strategy that aligns well with the dynamic requirements of aviation. We tailor the curriculum of our Wet Lease Training courses meticulously to the nuances of your flight operations, with continuous support from the planning phase to the execution of the training, thus enriching the competency and readiness of your pilots while laying the foundation for the operational success of your airline. Our instructors, who have extensive operational and training backgrounds, promote a comprehensive training model that bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application in the high-stakes realm of aviation. By leveraging the expertise of seasoned pilots, we enrich the curriculum beyond conventional methodologies, ensuring that your pilots receive the practical insights, decision-making and problem-solving skills they need to succeed.

Unlocking New Horizons

Type Ratings & Training

Even the most skilled pilots require additional training to operate new aircraft types. Our team of expert instructors provides certified type training courses and type ratings for airlines, governments and private individuals worldwide. With five locations at your disposal, we offer full flight simulators, flat-panel trainers and extended reality solutions for all major aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, ATR, and Boeing.

As an experienced training organisation, we can customise all type training courses and type ratings to cater to your individual requirements and flight operations.

type rating

Type Rating

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION’s Type Rating courses – designed in compliance with EASA Part FCL for flight crew licensing – will equip your crews with the necessary type rating, skills and knowledge to operate your commercial aircraft confidently. Our courses can be customised to suit your airline's specific needs.

Our Type Rating courses consist of both theoretical and practical elements. The theoretical classes are conducted in a classroom or at a distance, where our instructors use computer-based or web-based training methods. The practical exercises that follow use a training device – either exclusively in a Full Flight Simulator or in combination with a flat-panel trainer or immersive extended-reality solutions. To complete the training successfully, participants must pass a skills test in the flight simulator.

Cross Crew Qualification

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION designed its Cross-Crew Qualification (CCQ) course for pilots holding a type rating for one of the following aircraft types: A320, A330, or A340. Our streamlined CCQ program is structured to supplement your existing knowledge and instil only the essential information required to obtain the additional rating. The course comprises both theoretical and practical components, together with a skills assessment.

Cross Crew Qualification
Bridge Course

Bridge Course

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION designed the Bridge Course to ensure that individuals, regardless of their experience, are fully prepared for the Type Rating course. We incorporate additional theoretical lessons into the Type Rating course. Additionally, we provide supplementary practical exercises conducted in the Full Flight Simulator (FFS) immediately before the practical phase of the Type Rating course. Lastly, we utilise the final session of the practical phase to evaluate the readiness of the trainee to undertake the FFS mission as part of the Type Rating course. Please note the Bridge Course is not a standalone course and that we only offer it as part of the Type Rating course.

Differences Training

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION designed this course for pilots with a type rating for a particular aircraft and who intend to transition to a different variant of the same type.

Each Differences Training course offers a tailored theoretical program based on the relevant content. The practical component of the course takes place in a Full Flight Simulator, on flat-panel trainers or through immersive extended-reality solutions. While there is no requirement for a skill test for this training program, we ensure that the candidate acquires the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the safe operation of the new aircraft.

Differences Training
Familiarisation Training

Familiarisation Training

Familiarisation Training is available to pilots with a valid type rating but lacks practical experience with a particular aircraft variant. Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION will propose theoretical courses, computer-based training, extended reality solutions or ground courses. They equip pilots with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate aircraft safely and efficiently, complying with aviation regulations and standards. Completing Familiarisation Training is essential for pilots seeking to gain experience with a new aircraft variant and maintain safety and professionalism in the industry.

Renewal Training

Pilots can renew an expired type rating by taking a course that involves training and exams. Our Head of Training determines each participant's training requirements and exam prerequisites. The Renewal Training course typically includes computer-based theoretical training to refresh the knowledge of aircraft systems and flight processes. A written test follows it. The practical component of the course involves using a Full Flight Simulator, a flat-panel trainer, and immersive extended-reality solutions. Typically, there is no requirement to train in an aircraft or to practise landings. The course concludes with a License Proficiency Check (LPC) in the Full Flight Simulator. The Licensing Authority will renew the type rating after the applicant completes the LPC successfully.

Renewal Training
Zero Flight Time Landing Training

Zero Flight Time Landing Training

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION designed the Zero-Flight-Time Landing Training (ZFTT) program to provide pilots with comprehensive aircraft landing training. This program takes place in a Full Flight Simulator. It is available after completing either a Type Rating or Cross-Crew Qualification course, provided the candidate meets all legal requirements. There is no technical knowledge prerequisite for this training as our Type Rating Instructors (TRI) cover the theoretical knowledge during the briefing before the Full Flight Simulator session. Furthermore, there is no requirement for a formal test.

Ensuring Flight Proficiency

Recurrent Training & Checking

Commercial pilots must thoroughly understand their aircraft, including all systems and procedures. Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION‘s Recurrent Training program allows your pilots to refresh their knowledge of the type of aircraft they operate, ensuring that they maintain their qualifications and fly their licensed aircraft safely.

We offer hands-on recurrent training for your cockpit crew annually or bi-annually, per your requirements. We conduct this training in the respective Full Flight Simulator in full compliance with all applicable regulations. Additionally, upon your request, we can supplement these courses to cater to your specific needs and conduct the ensuing check.

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION designed its training program to meet the highest safety and efficiency standards. We are committed to providing your pilots with the knowledge and skills required to operate their aircraft with confidence and proficiency.

Recurrent Training cheking
Empowering Airline Pilots

Air Operator specific Training Modules

One expects airline pilots to maintain safety while flying under various conditions, make informed decisions in emergencies, and keep up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in the flight deck. Effective training programs that simulate real-life scenarios are critical in achieving these objectives.

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION tailored its training modules to meet the specific requirements of every Air Operator, ensuring that their pilots are well-equipped to handle various challenges and work environments. Some of these courses are compulsory components of the type rating test, as mandated by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). In contrast, others are optional to enhance the safety and efficiency of an airline's flight operations.

Our state-of-the-art Full Flight Simulators, combined with experienced instructors who have never less than 15000 hours of flight experience, ensure maximum learning success. We can customise all Air Operator-specific training courses to meet your fleet and flight operation needs. For more information, please get in touch with us!

Multi Crew Cooperation(MCC)

Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC)

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION developed its Multi-Crew Cooperation training program to cater to crews without experience operating in a two-pilot flight deck. We conduct the course strictly under the EASA Part-FCL.735.A regulation. It comprises both theoretical and practical sessions in a Full Flight Simulator. Our program will equip trainees with non-technical skills for effective collaboration in a Multi-Crew cockpit environment. The focus is mainly on developing problem-solving and decision-making abilities, effective communication, delegation of tasks, and proper checklist usage. There is no skill test upon the successful completion of the program. Our Multi-Crew Cooperation training program may be taken as a standalone course or in conjunction with an initial type rating.

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)

Aircraft operations close to the border of their flight envelope necessitate precise knowledge of aircraft-specific characteristics and the possession of a variety of physical and physiological skills by pilots to effectively manage a loss of control situation with a level head. We designed our Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) courses to equip pilots with the requisite skills to maintain a stable flight path in challenging circumstances or to restore it expeditiously.

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION delivers a theoretical component of its UPRT curriculum in a web- or computer-based training format, in a classroom setting, or through immersive VR/XR solutions. Additionally, the practical component presents pilots with diverse emergency scenarios in type-specific Full Flight Simulators. Experienced trainers guide pilots on the skills necessary to cope with challenging situations and maintain control over the aircraft.

Upset Prevention Recovery Training(UPRT)
Performance Based Navigation(PBN)

Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) allows pilots to navigate without ground-supported systems, such as VOR, NDB, and ILS. Instead, they rely heavily on satellite navigation. The primary benefit of PBN is the reduction in fuel consumption through the use of shorter routes, which, in turn, minimises emissions.

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION’s Performance-Based Navigation course, comprising theoretical and practical components, instructs participants in the specific requirements and areas of PBN. The program offers a comprehensive understanding of PBN, enabling individuals to operate within its framework quickly and efficiently.

Extended Twin Engine Operations (ETOPS)

Airlines strive to establish the shortest possible flight path between two cities, often necessitating crossing oceanic or inhospitable zones without a nearby accessible airport. Consequently, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has formulated supplementary regulatory protocols for flight planning and decision-making during Extended-Range Twin-Engine Operations (ETOPS).

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION offers a comprehensive, hands-on ETOPS course to equip your pilots with the requisite knowledge of these regulations. The course encompasses a theoretical overview of ETOPS, followed by practical demonstrations of two ETOPS scenarios in a Full Flight Simulator.

All Weather Operations(AWO)

All-Weather Operations (AWO)

Pilots must possess accurate knowledge of the equipment and instruments on board, as well as the flight characteristics of a specific aircraft type, to ensure safe landings even during low-visibility conditions.

Train-By-Wire | TBWTBW AERO DIVISION’s All-Weather Operations course trains pilots for flight approaches under CAT II or CAT III weather conditions. The course comprises a theoretical part which covers systems basics, normal and abnormal standard operating procedures, and aircraft and ground equipment. The practical training in a Full Flight Simulator includes exercises in various weather conditions and simulated equipment failures.

Command Upgrade

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION has designed a command training program that enables a smooth and seamless transition for pilots to take command of an aircraft. We tailored the program to meet the specific requirements of each operator and legal regulations. The training consists of theoretical and practical modules using a Full Flight Simulator.

Upon completing the training, pilots will have the necessary proficiency, skills and knowledge to carry out the Line Flying Under Supervision (LIFUS) component of the Command Upgrade Course.

Command Upgrade
Enhancing Pilot Selection

Preparatory Training Courses & Assessments

Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION provides Pilot Assessment services to help airlines evaluate the suitability of pilots for new roles. Our experienced instructors conduct objective evaluations to determine a pilot's potential for a command upgrade, instructor position, or joining your airline. Based on the assessment, our experts assist you in making an informed decision.

We conduct the Pilot Assessment sessions at any of our five aviation training locations, and we complete them all in one day. Each session comprises three modules: a personal impression, a theoretical test, and a practical test in the Full Flight Simulator for Airbus, ATR, and Boeing aircraft. The exact procedure for the Pilot Assessment varies based on the candidate's experience level and future role.

We tailor the assessment to meet your needs and provide professionalism in every aspect of our work. Train-By-Wire | TBW AERO DIVISION’s team ensures its services always meet your expectations.

Preparatory Training Courses Assessments